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Superior People!  Superior Results


Periscope Consulting consistently provides the highest caliber people on our projects.  Senior, experienced people, not someone inexperienced relying on off-site supervision.  This puts the traditional project staffing model on its head.


Our compensation program is designed specifically to attract and retain the highest performers.  We succeed when we get asked back for more work; and these men and women get asked back!


Our typical on-site resource has 12 – 30 years of experience, with dozens if not hundreds of projects like yours.  They have seen it all (or at least a lot of it) and are committed to not make the same mistake twice.


Our team has a “do anything” attitude.  Our senior resources are skilled in multiple roles and will use their knowledge and experience to help you in every way they can; they are never limited to a narrow scope.  This is a “force multiplier” for your projects!


Using superior people has brought us up to 90% success in scope, schedule and budget, across a program of complex manufacturing projects.  While we cannot guarantee you will always have this rate of success, we can guarantee to use the same approach that resulted in this performance.


Our people are the key to the “Periscope Method” to run projects with greater success.

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Superior People lead to Superior Results