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Up to 90% on time projects


Periscope Consulting uses special scheduling techniques to help avoid project delays.  We synchronize scope and schedule using integrated software to prevent outright “misses” in the schedule.  We add markers and tags to provide early warnings of future delays.  And we use critical chain scheduling techniques to manage time like we would manage contingency.


That sounds like jargon but the result is easy to read:  The result eliminates that sudden “surprise” at a critical time near project completion where, oops, you realize or are told that your project is weeks or months behind schedule.


We can tell a few weeks into the project, and every week after, if you are “drifting out of the channel” toward a project delay.  That lets us correct course early, while there is still time to react.


Using these techniques has brought us up to 90% success across a program of complex manufacturing projects.  While we cannot guarantee you will always have this rate of success, we can guarantee to use the same approach that resulted in this performance.


This is part of the “Periscope Method” to run projects with greater success.

Time is of the essence when running complex projects.

Read our blog article, “Work like it is your last day” for additional background.